Most of the services the practice provides are available free of charge on the NHS however, there are a number of services that the NHS does not offer.

As the practice wants to offer a complete service to its patients, we will accommodate requests for private and professional work outside of normal hours. You can find a list of the typical private services the practice offers at reception. If the service you want does not appear on this list then please call the practice in order to make specific arrangements.

The practice will make a charge for these services. The fee will reflect both the doctors time to carry out the private service together with the cost of the attached staff time and any consumables used. The British Medical Association has produced a suggested guide to charges for private work and the practice uses these wherever applicable.

If you have a form for completion by a doctor, please deliver it to the reception staff as soon as possible as doctors need to arrange time to complete this work outside of their normal NHS duties. All private work is available and completed on a first come first served basis.

If you require a private service please contact us. The practice will always advise you of any fees that may be applied prior to the service being carried out. For a list of our non-NHS service fees, please enquire with the reception team or contact us via our online contact form.